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"It's A Girl!" —Hometime Proudly Announces the Arrival of Its Newest Crew Member

Co-host Miriam Johnson and her husband Paul—as well as everyone here at Hometime—are proud to announce the addition of Sula Catherine to the Hometime family! Sula arrived on December 29, 2006 weighing a mere 7 lbs., 6 oz. and was 21” long.

During a recent visit with the family, Miriam had a few things to share about the holiday gift of their new baby girl, and about her experiences working at home and on the set of a home improvement television show as a growing 'mother-to-be'. Here is what she had to say,

"I was lucky to have a smooth pregnancy, which made working on the show and projects a little easier than it could have been, but there were still challenges to being pregnant on a job site. After a while, the tool belt wasn't so comfortable—it fit around the low part of my waist, but the tools were sometimes lost under my belly, and having that extra bulk on front was just that...Extra! I did have to watch myself being up on scaffolding and ladders. I could do it, but I needed to move slower, so I could keep track of my new, and shifting, balance. The crew was incredibly supportive, and I never felt put out or left to fend for myself if I needed help.

At home, I worked right up to going into labor to try and knock as many things as I could off that never-ending punch list that every house has before the baby comes. I got through a lot of it, but of course, there will always be more to do.

I'd like to say that I was proud to be working, and that we at the show weren't attempting to hide the pregnancy. I feel like I was a good example that just because I was pregnant, didn't mean that I was suddenly incapable of working.  Maybe I'm a little bit stubborn, and some things took some getting used to —like the fact that I wasn't supposed to be lifting heavy items when I felt just fine to do it. But small adjustments, like resting when need be, staying away from stinky fumes and not lifting those heavy items, while still keeping up my activity and working throughout the pregnancy, I think helped me stay healthier and feel better than if I had done otherwise. We women are stronger and more capable than we sometimes think, or are given credit for!"

Miriam's attitude did not go unnoticed by the rest of the crew. Lenny said that Miriam (or Mim, as he likes to call her) was extremely healthy, never sick or seemingly uncomfortable. Bucki said that her pregnant belly looked better than his!

The family expressed its gratitude for the support and encouraging words they've received from family, friends, and Hometime fans. For all those curious, Miriam does plan to return to her tool belt at some point yet this season.

Anyways, from all of us here at Hometime, please join us in congratulating Miriam, Paul, and little Sula!


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